We are a South Florida based company that imports marine products mainly from Ecuador. Our focus is to provide the highest quality products to ensure customer’s satisfaction and safety by implementing rigorous inspection of our products during manufacturing, packaging and handling process.


To provide the consumer with safe, sustainable and high quality seafood and marine based products.


Seafood Emporium is continuously looking for the best fish products from around the world. We want to be your connection to fish and shrimp from all corners of the globe. We know where the best seafood is available and we can offer you the best prices without compromising the highest quality standard. We only do business with suppliers we know personally and whose production locations  have been internationally certified as well as inspected and approved by us. Only products that comply with the highest quality requirements are allowed to carry our brand name, because only the best is good enough.


All fish products are imported directly by Seafood Emporium. This gives us control over the entire process of catching, processing, transporting and storage. We uphold and endorse a sustainable and socially responsible purchasing policy. Our products have full traceability.


We practice sustainability by using the Earth’s natural resources in a wise and sensible manner. We consider it our responsibility to provide sustainable seafood products for the market, as only this type of seafood has a future.


Seafood Emporium has set up an extensive quality control system because we strive to provide the best possible quality. On the basis of strict quality standards we monitor all our products, the production, packaging and freezing process and the distribution. We listen to our customers’ and partners’ quality requirements. And we believe in supplying healthy products that have been acquired with respect for the environment. All the products are monitored closely in the country of origin by our local quality control teams.